KO in the OK VI

KO in the OK VI

Event Divisions:

  • RX Division

  • Scaled Division

Event Details

Event Description
Start gathering your 6 person team (3 males, 3 females) for January 11th and 12th! As a part of our new Team Challenge, CrossFit Eclipse is hosting it's 6th annual ‘KO in the OK’ at the UMAC in Tulsa, OK. This team elimination competition will be one of a kind! Just because you drop into a Consolation Bracket, doesn’t mean you’re out of the running to win some awesome prizes.

Registration will open November 1st. The entry fee will be $600 per team. Admission will be $10/day and kids 12 & under are free. KO in the OK is proud to announce that a portion of the proceeds will go to support Union Athletics!

Structure & Prizes

Divisions will consist of RX and Scaled teams with each team guaranteed at least 4 WODs over the two days.

Seeding Saturday (Day 1 – January 11th)

All teams will complete 3 WODs. At the conclusion of the day, teams will be seeded and placed into brackets based on how they finished the 3 WODs. For example, 48 scaled teams start day 1. At the end of day 1, the top 16 teams will move into the Gold Bracket, the middle 16 teams will move into the Silver Bracket, and the final 16 teams will move into the Bronze bracket.

Elimination Sunday (Day 2 – January 12th)

Each team will now only be competing against those within their bracket. There will be a maximum of 3 WODs with half of the teams in each bracket eliminated after each WOD. With 8 teams competing in the final event for Scaled and 5 teams for Rx.

Prizes: The top 3 teams in each bracket will earn prizes consisting of gift cards, sponsor/vendor packages, and much more!

Judging & Volunteers 

Judging plays an integral part to the success and experience for both competitors and spectators. As such, we will continue to hold the movements and our judges to the highest standards. Judges will continue to be paid and certified to ensure those standards are met. Our head judge will be on the floor at all times to make any necessary ruling.

Both judges and volunteers will be provided event t-shirts, lunch, snacks, and have access to a judges/volunteer only room.

If you are interested helping make this event a huge success, please email us at info@kointheok.com


KO in the OK will take place at the Union Multipurpose Activity Center (UMAC) at 6838 Mingo Rd, Tulsa, OK.

Athlete & Spectator Experience 

We are committed to enhancing both the athlete and spectator experience. Athletes of all levels deserve to have their time in the spotlight and spectators will be treated to a first class event. Paleo friendly food options will be available, a vendor village, team call-outs prior to WODs, and more will all contribute to the success of the event.

"If the event is canceled for any reason other than an Act of God (snowstorm, earthquake, flood, etc. as determined by KO in the OK) we will provide a full refund for the amount you paid for entry. Entry fees will not be refunded for a rescheduled or postponed event."

Event WODS

Workouts have not yet been released.

Event Info:

KO in the OK VI

Date: Jan. 11, 2020

Location: 8922 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa OK

Registration: $600.00


Reg Deadline Passed


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